“This content will change soon – just a little text I wrote years ago about Mistaken Visions. This will change :)”

Mistaken Visions
is a small indie Game-Development group from Hamburg,Germany. We have a small, but creative team.Hey People! Duncrow here again. This will be a section of the website where we actually bring our history to paper. This will be also re-edit in near future – I just wanted to note some major and important milestones here to remember them for the team and for you to already get informed about us.
Since I don’t know the gaming past of the rest of team, I will start by mentioning my firsQt experiences with games and gaming. I start gaming as a little boy. In this time there were not many cool games for kids, but somehow I was able to get my greedy fingers on “Stronghold Crusaders”. And this was great fun – I can tell you that – I still play it today.

And this was just as little kid. Someday I ran over the map editor for Stronghold Crusader and I started to waste more time on creating maps than playing the game. In this little age I already was fastinated by creating things rather than experience them, which was kind of the prize of the work.

To jump forward faster – my creative vein was pumping. It never stopped I guess. Years later I tried “Warcraft III” and loved the story and again – I found the WorldEditor of Warcraft III in which you can edit own maps.

I became bad in school, I had lesser time than before, I wasted thousand hours just creating maps that I imagined and I don’t regret a single second.

During my schooltime, I created some flash games and browsergames. And finally I started Mistaken Visions on the college. “The Piano” was developed by me, but it was also the first time I worked with other peoples for one goal.

But however my journey as a game developer has just begun and I have many dreams for the future. We have a lot to learn and I welcome everyone to share my dreams and follow us on our journey. I want to change the game development and gaming in general for the better. Many things and certain changes in games concerned me personally. I believe that we have to change some things in the future. We want to try new game experiences and I am here to lead Mistaken Visions to this goal. And the goal is becoming a real indie development team and we can only accomplish this with you guys, our fans. So please stay in touch with us.

And this is something I can say in the name of the whole team! We want to create worlds – and we want to create wonders. I would’t call this a philosophy, but we don’t want to create any game without a greater message in it or without an interesting plot. It will always be some mistery or greater thoughts behind our games.

I hope you will like our games in the future and I hope you share our dream.

Sincerely, Jonathan Stemmildt (Head Developer)

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