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Patch time! v1.1 is now live

Hi everyone! Thanks for your patience while we put this patch together. As promised, we’ve gone through the bug reports people have submitted over the past few days, and pieced together an update that should solve them all. If you find any other issues, please don’t hesitate to let us know at and we’ll […]

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Thank-yous, bug reports, and upcoming patch

Thanks so much to all our early players! As a tiny developer without a QA resource, it can be difficult to pick up on all the bugs before launch — you simply become so close to your game. Then, when hundreds of people start to play it, you end up slapping your forehead. So we […]

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The Piano is out now! (Plus patch info / notes)

We’re absolutely delighted to announce that The Piano is now available right here on Steam! This marks the culmination of five years of hard work, by a tiny team in our spare time, and we’re super pleased with what we’ve managed to put together. It’s been an incredible journey, and we really hope you enjoy […]

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The Piano gets launch trailer ahead of Monday’s release!

Hi everyone! We’re absolutely delighted today to unveil our launch trailer! You can watch it right here on our Steam page, or via that lovely little YouTube link below. It’s been an absolute blast working on The Piano for all this time, and we can’t quite believe the big day is almost upon us. The […]

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Release countdown & new screenshots

Today’s a big day. Why, I hear you ask? Well, it’s the day we hit ‘Ready For Review’ in the Steamworks back-end. That’s right: The Piano is finished, uploaded, and being checked over by the guys at Steam as we speak! We’re incredibly, astonishingly pleased with what we’ve managed to build over the past five […]

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Release date change

Hi everyone! OK, we’re going to cut to the chase right away: we’ve taken the difficult decision to delay release of The Piano just slightly. The game will now release on Monday 4th June. Why? Because game development. At the start of the month, we thought we had a release candidate. We hit ‘build’, crossed […]

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8 minutes of gameplay footage!

Thanks to everyone for their overwhelming response to our new trailer and release date announcement! We’ve been delighted to see so many people getting in touch to tell us they’re excited about our game. <3 <3 <3 To say thanks, we thought we’d show you a bit more of what’s in store come May 24th. […]

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Release date & new trailer!

After five years of hard work, we’re incredibly delighted today to be able to announce a release date for The Piano! The game will hit Steam on Thursday 24th May 2018. That’s a little over six weeks away! The Piano will retail at $9.99 although we’ll likely include a small release discount during the first […]

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Listen to some voice acting from The Piano

Hi everyone! Our fabulous team of actors is currently hard at work recording their lines for The Piano. We’ve got some of it back already, and are working on getting it into the game, and it’s sounding fantastic! We wanted to share a tiny taste of it with you folks, as a thank you for […]

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Play The Piano this Spring…

WE ARE ON STEAM! After five years of hard work, a successful Greenlight campaign in 2016, and the past year spent revising and evolving The Piano based on user testing, we’re delighted today to finally get our Steam store page up and running, and to announce that the game will be released this Spring! […]

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