I this post I want to show you the diffrences between the old and the new “THE PIANO”. I will post more about the diffrent gameplays in the new and the old versions – this is just the first post about it.


Memories and Items:

This is basically same in the new version – just more diffrent texts in the new one, a neat animation to it and obviously much more of them with connections to characters.




Monsters ,Scares and Image Effects

The first version of The Piano was much more scary, blurry and hectic! The new version howver will not be this blurry, trippy like. I feel like I want to make it much mure detailed and noire-like and I hope you will like it too 🙂 You will not find any major ‘distracting’ image effects in the new version.






In the first version of ‘The Piano’, riddles were very important for the game and ofcourse we have riddles in the new version again. We will however add two new diffrent types of riddles in the game. One of them is already tested and done. The other will follow. Otherwise you can expect very similar riddles to the first ‘The Piano’. The only big diffrence – the riddles now are connected to the story of the game.





Oh and a little hint – there will be “black and white + red parts” in the new version too 🙂 Just not everywhere.


So basically what does this show us?

  • The new and last version of ‘The Piano’ does everything the older versions are doing without the overused jumpscary horror aspect.
  • We don’t want many jumpscare actions in the game anymore.
  • It’s not Horror anymore – it’s noire mystery!


I hope you will like it. In an future article I will talk about the new gameplay of the Piano. You can also read some details about it on our Steam Greenlight page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=779365013.


This was the first development blog post – please comment what you think about it.

Was this interesting for you?

Did you like this article?

Do you want me to write more about these things?

What should I write about?


Thank you so very much for reading this and I hope you will like the game when it’s published. Thank you aswell so much for your incredible support – you guys and girls are the best for me. I couldn’t be in any way happier about the game and my growing audience. I sincerely can say – you are awesome people!


What’s next?

In the coming weeks we will publish a public demo and press releases about the game. And I will post a article like this one every week now on mondays.
Thanks for reading!



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